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Got a spare $20?

USFirstGirls is building kits to send out to each regional event which is costing us about $3,000. Luckily we have some wonderful sponsors. Yet, we could use your help as well. One sponsor, WePay, has provided a promotional group account that isn't charged any fees to help us out.

Here's how it works: click on the donate button below, and it will ask if you want to contribute to UsFirstGirls. You can donate by credit card, or use a bank account if you register for the site with invite code "FIRST" (they are fully certified, secure and PCI compliant). If you create an account by providing a password after donating, you will be able to log back in and see everything happening in that account - both money coming in and money going out, so you can see exactly how your donations are being used.

(If you donate, it would be great if you could mention your team or business name in the "reason" box so that we can give you credit!)

Donate with WePay

Another one of our sponsors, Technology Garden, has made a challenge. It will match the first $1,000 we raise on WePay. So if just 50 teams help out with $20 each, we will have raised $2,000!

We call this cross team micro fundraising.

If you have any questions you can email or if you have an opinion about this please share it on this forum.